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I AM "THE GAME CHANGER" Do not call me a radical, do not call me a liberal, do not call me progressive and do not call me conservative!

I will bring a new hope to the United States. The hope I will bring, will be far more than just hope. Hope is a great thing, but still short of DOING. As you start to see, I have the skill, ideas, concepts and a new line of thought so vastly different than any other candidate to this point in the history of politics in the United States that the Game Changer, will get it done. The vision "as good as it gets" will become reality. Economy will prevail, terrorism will be met eye to eye, face to face and a new strength never seen by the world.

Enemies of the United States will find that they face the toughest battle of any previous era in history. They will see the futility of struggle with us and our UN allies. they will see that there is no choice but to learn to live with the world than take it over. They will see that they can indeed have their views, without forcing that view on the rest. This is not conformation but reformation.

Reform world wide, reform country wide, and reform that will set a new trend of faith among our UN allies and among our fellow Americans including a new faith of cooperation, a new faith of union and above all else, a new faith in democracy will be the guide of this candidate.

Reality, will get you the people, and my countrymen whom I am pleased to call each of you family and friend whatever the race, religion, faith, culture, a new voice. This reality I bring to the table will wake up the current era of politics and create a new hope, a new future and a new unity in government for the strongest nation in this world!

How different I am than other politicians, yet how much the same too. American politicians left right and center, will see we can do this. We are the hope and light for the world, and our countrymen. We are the strongest, best hope to bring reality and reform to the forefront in a new era of cooperation, a new era of freedom, and most importantly a new era of understanding among all the world.

Embrace these ideals as the next President earns your vote one at a time, one by one and family by family.

Your voice, has a new voice, your voice has a new meaning, and your voice is heard! The game changer is right in front of you. The game changer, has been there. This man has faced hopelessness, this man has faced discouragement and this man has faced the worst fears, that my voice does not matter.

I was denied the platform with the others, I was denied the chance to race because of zero funds, I was denied the dignity to be heard by the players in media that set the rest of us as incapable to be heard by my country. I now after facing these struggles I am being heard. You now have a voice of someone who knows it's importance to cause.

I owe much to the few sources who gave me that beginning. All deserve mention, SUN MEDIA who did my first with DAVID AKIN anchor, I wish the best to him and praise SUN for being the voice for all. They will be missed as they have been forced to end their media professionalism. From my heart I thank all who have given this unknown a voice!

Because there are some who know my struggles I now have that opportunity. Because there are some who have gone the distance in this country to protect me after service, I have this opportunity. Because there such people, indeed I owe a debt I cannot possibly pay. I run to salute these men and women who pledge to keep me alive, I run for those memories of lost loved ones, I run for what their lives mean for me and us all to have what we all know to be THE UNITED STATES! My gratitude to them, my loyalty to them, my loyalty to you, and their countless daily convictions to bring me to the foreground, have given me a unique perspective from deep inside all that is the United States. I stand before you today, proud. Proud for what they do for me, proud of what opportunity lies ahead, and proud they have opened the door to me! To this incredibly professional protection detail the government has bestowed to me, I run for all who serve!

Cause is not without struggle, cause is not without extreme sacrifice, cause is not without loss of many kinds, cause is however setting a beacon of light to this country. Cause, is the game changer's reality, not fantasy, not hind sight not dismay, but now with your hand, a cause has the justice, a cause has the vision and a cause now has the beginnings of something long gone, Unity.

Today, not just my voice matters, yours does! Welcome friends, welcome countrymen, welcome to all who love peace, welcome! Welcome to all who love freedom, choice and liberty, welcome!

Democrat Doug Shreffler 2016


With pride, pleasure and hope for all

Thank You

Thank You

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